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Red Daisy Music 

Holding with the tradition of some of my most cherished influences I have decided to self-publish my music.  This industry is not an easy one to break out in immediately, but with proper planning and networking I am confident that I can make myself a place within it. Thank you for taking your time to visit, and should you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me. 


Joseph Gearheart 

I am a musician of all sorts, but consider myself to specialize in Folk, Blues, and Rock. As of 2017 I am an international recording artist, having collaborated for the past few years with Canadian music collective The Swamp Music Players. Through their efforts my voice/guitar have been heard on the radio all over the world, and tracks that I co-wrote with the group have graced campus charts all over Canada as well as several notable indie charts. 

In 2019 I will be releasing three more tracks with The Swamp Music Players on their upcoming album "Dial 555 Tiki Motel."

I already have numerous releases - Be sure to check out the Music page!

Secret Agent T 

Rawk!.. And very recently Folk. 

SAT is made up of myself and good friends Andrew Hassler and David Lee Hopkins. We've taken our high energy brand of Rock all over Virginia, and now I'm pleased to be able to announce that we're adding a solid acoustic set to our repertoire! Watch for us live this year! 

If you haven't heard us you can check out our album on the Music page! Recorded in 2014 at Blue Sprocket Studios in Harrisonburg, Virginia, it serves as a great example of our original set.

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